Why Happy Plant Nursery ?
We will always try to provide our best products. The best products we produce from the nursery are well controlled and managed with an integrated care program.

Why Happy Plant Nursery ?
We have been engaged in the export of foliage since 2018, and have experts in handling and packaging.

Why Happy Plant Nursery ?
We are experts in the cultivation of both houseplant and terrarium plants. We have land for cultivation and also work with some local farmers to fulfill your request.

Happy plant nursery (Bima Alam Nusantara. Co)

  • Trusted plants seller since 2018 – house plants, jungle plants, exotic plants
  • Exporting to 30+ countries
  • 5 continents

From the rich tropical land of Indonesia, we cultivate and grow both local and region origin tropical plants since 2018. Given ownership of legal licenses in tropical plants and seeds distribution, we have extensive experience in exporting plants to 5 continents across the world, both retail and wholesale.

  • We value our customers by ensuring that you have the best experience with us

We provide extra treatment to the plants and ensure safe packaging to ensure it arrives healthy. If your plants arrive damaged or unhealthy due to our packaging error, we will replace it for free on your next order!

  • We commit to create a positive impact to the area we are operating in

We ensure that our plant sourcing and farming method are environmentally friendly

We also believe in ‘together we are stronger’ principle – hence we empower the local community by partnering with local growers in providing the best offering for our customers.