1. The buyer is required to provide shipping instructions to comply with the regulations of the destination country,
2. If it does not give instructions then the seller will use the usual standards and the buyer has no right to sue if a problem occur
3. It is possible that there will be damage to the plant and it is a risk of shipping that must be received by the buyer
4. The seller provide phytosanitary and invoice (check spam folder)
5. The seller is responsible for inspection in Indonesia. after the package is sent, all inspections in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer
6. If the plants sent are damaged or rotten, a 70% max replacement will be carried out and the shipping costs will be buyers responsibility
7. No refunds unless there are other conditions agreed upon
8. All forms of taxes and inspection fees in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer
9. Regulations that apply in Indonesia for export are required to apply for an export permit which is a prerequisite for making phytosanitary. so consumers must wait for export licenses to be issued
10. Every shipment made will be carried out check by a laboratory test by the Indonesian plant quarantine agency. So consumers must wait for checking to finish
11. The whole process usually takes 3 to 5 weeks.
12. Pictures only sample, we ship similar plants (Genus, Species, Variety), but not plants in the pictures.
13. Before order, please make sure of your order and you have all import documents required by your goverment/country regulation.
14. We dont provide REFUND or REPLACEMENT in term you failed to fulfill the import requirements or misshandling by your custom & post office
16. We do wholesale.
17. Pay means agree with our terms and condition. we dont provide refund until you receive your package. except, there’s an error on our system.